Best Free Walking Tours in South America.

I’m not a fan of excursions and prefer to explore new places by myself, but if I’m short on time or want to get the first impression of the location quickly, I take a walking tour around the city. Nowadays Free Walking Tours based on tips become really popular in the capitals and big touristic cities around the world. I find it a useful and convenient way to get acquainted with a city.

From my own experience travelling around South America, I can pick our three FWT that I liked the best (in a corresponding order).

1. The best one is in Bogota, Colombia. I personally took it twice, while being in Colombia: at the beginning, when I familiarised with the city, and at the end of my time there when I knew Bogota well.

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Both experiences were different and showed me the capital better. The Free Walking Tour will tell you the history and the culture of the country, revealing the most curious and unbelievable facts that will leave a lasting impression. You’ll thoroughly walk the historical centre of the city (that you might not do alone). After the tour, you’ll become an expert in how to move around the city, which museums, sights and parks to visit, where to spend an excellent party night and just to grab a beer or a Colombian chicha drink.

2. The second most favourite walking tour I took in Cusco, Peru. The great capital of the Inca Empire is a masterpiece of uniqueness. This city will easily become your favourite Peruvian city because of the Free Walking Tour you take. There’s a big variety of options you can choose from, but I took the best.


Two hours of the tour flew by in one breath. The culmination of the FWT became the view of the city. We went up unnoticeable long stairs in the middle of an unremarkable neighbourhood, and in from of us opened Cusco The Greatest. Its red roofs and endless streets conquered my heart. It looked so complete and united. Better than any other city of Peru from above. I was definitely satisfied with the tour and the quality of it: very informative, entertaining and helpful. Totally recommendable: Freewalkingperu.

3. The last but now least is the Free Walking Tour in Lima, Peru. It’s pretty impossible to see this huge city by yourself in a short period of time. The Free Walking Tour I had in the capital took me by public transportation from the touristic part to the centre of the city, that made a huge difference.

In 3 hours I already knew the city pretty well to understand how to organise my time there later. I saw the main places and learnt about the culture. I shopped a little, sent a postcard and tried a local beer and 5 types of pisco sour. I did it all in the Free Walking Tour! Unbelievable.

The best part of all these tours is that you don’t have to be rich to be provided an excellent service. They all are based on tips and usually, tourists donate 7-10 dollars.

If you had a similar experience, let me know where and how much you were satisfied in the comments below!


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I’ve been travelling for about 2 years, I’ve met a lot of different people from all over the world and interacted with all types of social classes, but one thing they all share in common is a poor image of the country that I am currently a resident of – Colombia – and its capital Bogota. This country is magical, there’s something very special about it and its culture that makes it unique among all Latin America. Already a funny reversed name actively used by locals can tell you a lot about it: Locombia, that is pretty impossible to translate, but gives you an idea of a “crazy Colombia” (from Spanish Loco, meaning “crazy”).

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Colombia’s Street Food: to try everything

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The Pacific ocean – the whole paradise only for you

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The best electronic experience in Colombia – welcome to BAUM.

A small club situated not far from the center of Bogota city that can offer you a lot. If you are a tourist looking for something modern and worthy or a foreign resident sicking for cool parties BAUM was made for you. IMAGEN-12746373-2Perhaps the only club in Bogota city that has parties till 8 am. It also can be the best place to go to continue your party after being in another bars or clubs. Go to Calle 33 Carrera 6 № 24.

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