Must do in Bogota, Colombia

I’ve been travelling for about 2 years, I’ve met a lot of different people from all over the world and interacted with all types of social classes, but one thing they all share in common is a poor image of the country that I am currently a resident of – Colombia – and its capital Bogota. This country is magical, there’s something very special about it and its culture that makes it unique among all Latin America. Already a funny reversed name actively used by locals can tell you a lot about it: Locombia, that is pretty impossible to translate, but gives you an idea of a “crazy Colombia” (from Spanish Loco, meaning “crazy”).

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If you have several weeks to explore Colombia, you’ll be fascinated by its destinations. And even if you have only several days, you’ll catch its spirit. Let’s start with the capital and try to see the best of the best and the most essential. Here I’ll show you the way… Читать далее «Must do in Bogota, Colombia»


8 best free things to do in Rio de Janeiro

Being one of the most expensive cities in South America, Rio de Janeiro is totally worth to be seen. And even if you don’t have lots of money, or have not even enough as you may think, here’s a perfect free stuff to include in your to do list in Rio.

1. Santa Teresa Tram.


I believe it’s one of the musts in Rio de Janeiro city. Читать далее «8 best free things to do in Rio de Janeiro»

One-day tour to Niteroi, RJ

Having a free day in Rio de Janeiro you can easily go for a 1 day trip to a nice neighbor city Niterói.

картаNiteroi is a municipality in Brazil with a population of around 488 thousands of residents and is famous for Niteroi shopping. You will see not only museums traditionally included in any tourist program, but marvelous wild beaches, parks and a mountain with a great view.
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