10 best destinations in Colombia

Colombia can be a great choice to travel even for people who live here not the first year. It may seem it’s a tiny country, but several days are definitely not enough to embrace every worth to visit place.

Here in Latin America we all are waiting impatiently for so-called Semana Santa – the Holy Week days off. Here are some ideas how to spend holidays in Colombia in the best way – travelling!map.jpg


All the best photos from my trips you can find in my Instagram profile: diana_mirs

  1. 12064169_10153282833869952_1841211644_nThe Pacific coast of Colombia. If you are not a typical touristic spots lover, you for certain have to visit this awesome part of the country. If your destination is wild Colombia, come. Here you won’t find hundreds of tourists, but pure and virgin nature of Colombia. Have a quick look at the main port city of the country Buenaventura, take a boat to a semi-island, rent a hotel and rush away to a wild island to reunite with Mother Nature. The perfect route of the trip and useful tips based on my own adventure find here12166683_10153282835624952_1628460339_n-01 12166977_10153282837604952_2094942621_n-01
  2. Of course, if you are planning to go to Colombia, you heard about its incredible Caribbean coast. Here you can be lost in variety of places to go to, but even having a week for exploring, you have a chance to visit the most famous and the most beautiful places there. You can start with Cartagena and its islands, then leave to Barranquilla and have a stop in Santa Marta and Taganga. You undoubtedly have to see the Tayrona National Natural Park with its awesome beaches and views.
  3. Having a free day you can set off to a small village Minca with a lot of hostels and chilling atmosphere. You can start your day with a yoga class after a night spent in an outdoors hammock. Continue swimming in pure waterfalls there and have a nice dinner at one of the local restaurants with cheap and tasty traditional food.P1220583.JPG
  4. The sea of seven colours and endless happiness are waiting for you in San Andres island. Wait-wait, don’t judge me now. This is the time to tell you that I’m wrong. The best place is, of course, Providencia island, that is about 4 hours boat ride from San Andres. It is definitely worth to spend most of your time there. Less people, less cars, smaller distances. Just look at the photos and book your tickets.Providencia.jpg
  5. I would be surprised if you hadn’t heard about a city called Medellin. One of the best cities to live in Colombia and a wonderful tourist attraction. Every time I’m there I prefer to stay in Parque Lleras neighbourhood. There you can find dozens of restaurants, bars and clubs to feel a night life of the city. Go to Parque Explora, where you can spend the whole day and have a ride in a Metro cable car to the natural park above favellas.P1220955.JPG
  6. Another wonderful destination is Colombian Coffee Zone. The tallest palms in the world! The tallest! You have to see it at least once in a lifetime! I’m planning to go there already for the 2nd time. Just look at this:P1230400P1230420
  7. Colombia has everything, even a desert! Yes, the real one! Tatacoa desert needs around 2 days for a visit. You can stay in a hotel in the nearest city Neiva, but the best would be to stay in a hostel or even bungalow IN the desert! Visit a small planetarium, spend time admiring a night sky full of starts (probably, listening to a song of Coldplay of the same name), take a horse ride to a natural pool in the middle of the desert…P1240271.JPG
  8. Cali, another big city of Colombia, can be a good choice for a short vacation trip. The main attractions there are the statue of Cristo Rey and salsa! People in Cali dance salsa 24/7 and that is what influences their temperamental personality the most. The city itself is quite pretty too, so it is totally worth to see.P1230506.JPG
  9. zipaquira
    The Salt Cathedral, Zipaquira

    Small cities around the capital are also a good variant to know more about the country and to spend a great time in a trip. Very advisable destinations to visit are: Zipaquira town and its underground Salt Cathedral, chilling swimming pool (it’s my personal definitions 😀 ) Melgar, natural Villa de Leyva. And certainly the Tequendama falls just 40 km away from the capital.

  10. Even if you can’t leave Bogota for a vacation, there’re lots of different places to visit. The hikes you can do: Monserrate and The Holy Virgin mountain, … . And the top places to visit such as the Center of the city, Plaza Bolivar and the Septima Avenue, where you can find the best street food! To have a great night I strongly recommend you the night club Baum, where I spent one of my best Birthdays.

Bogota is awesome, Colombia is even more awesome. Don’t waste your time and start exploring it!


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