The best electronic experience in Colombia – welcome to BAUM.

A small club situated not far from the center of Bogota city that can offer you a lot. If you are a tourist looking for something modern and worthy or a foreign resident sicking for cool parties BAUM was made for you. IMAGEN-12746373-2Perhaps the only club in Bogota city that has parties till 8 am. It also can be the best place to go to continue your party after being in another bars or clubs. Go to Calle 33 Carrera 6 № 24.

Walking along a usual small capital street you would never think there is hidden an awesome club with electronic music and great parties BAUM.

In order to save around 3 dollars, arrive to the there before 12 am – the entrance will cost you only 20 thousand pesos instead of 30. Two roomed place doesn’t promise anything even when you enter the club. Don’t be disappointed, just wait till you feel your favourite rhythms.

12081603_10153268363429952_1302134447_nThe place is divided in two: it has a main room and an indoor terrace. The difference is amazing and you will find out why. The best part is that music in both rooms is different, so you can easily switch from one place to another resting a bit on comfortable couches. Don’t even try to have a nap there, vigilant guards won’t let you. BAUM also has a bar that is pretty expensive: be ready to pay at least 15.000 pesos for a beer and 150.000 for a bottle of whisky.

12064164_10153268363344952_1622535397_nTime passes by imperceptibly and here is time for magic. You came inside during the deep night and switching from the main room to the terrace you’ll be amazed that already came morning. Time to leave? You still have a couple of hours.
When you’re ready, you can take a taxi to go home or have a nice dewy walk back to your hostel, if you’re staying in Candelaria.

Colombia can everything and has anything. The best electronic experience – welcome to BAUM.


The best electronic experience in Colombia – welcome to BAUM.: 6 комментариев

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