One more incredible year!

Yes, this year was THE MOST! The most interesting, the most awesome, the most enjoyable, the most different and the most lifechanging! Before I would never think I would live in another country for such a long time, meet hundreds of new people and have best friends from all over the world.

And not only best friends, but my family. I have my Colombian-Australian family from Sinselejo and Sydney, with whom I lived my first months abroad. I have my Venezuelan-Indian-Ukrainian-Romanian family with whom I spend most of my time. And these people made my Birthday the most special one in my life. I am so grateful I met all of them and I have a chance to live this experience that is already my life.

As far as I was born in Uzbekistan, my Birthaday this year lasted not simple 24 hours, but 34! Delicate prompt: time difference Uzbekistan – Colombia 🙂 So, we started celebrating it at 10 pm in our house with all of the best traditions: songs, cake, candle and toasts. I must be the happiest to hear “Happy Birthday” song in 5 languages! And I almost cried happy tears listening to the Russian one – I was really touched and felt the warmth of my culture.

*Really hope my Birthday candle wish will come true*11802086_10153268371944952_1315558571_n

After the best electronic party happened to me! We went to BAUM!

12071708_10153268362584952_1057743939_nBy the will of chance the set was given by Polish DJs “Catz’n Dogz”. Happiest enjoyment with the closest people and really good party music made me lose the feeling of time.

12083671_10153262053434952_1094619540_nWe realized that it was pretty much time spent in the club and left home being gently embraced by the rays of the Sun. It was 6 am and we started walking home. The city already started its daily routine and I still lived in the same day.

I slept, I woke up later and it still was the same day.

Two Birthdays. One day. 34 hours. Incredible life.

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