How it feels to go back to your country

Going back home after 2 years of living on another continent, not speaking your language and being accustomed to another culture is a deal. I’ve lived so much here! In several hours I’ll have my flight to Russia and it’s just unbelievable. Yep, can’t imagine it can happen.

UPD: I’m already in Russia and here’s my «How it feels to be back to your country» post.

UPD 2: Half a year later.

Well, I believe I’ve changed a lot, but only several weeks ago Skypeing my Moscow friends I realized I had no idea how to live there.

With this I’m opening a new section of my Rush Away Blog about Russia. Currently I’m here and on my Instagram gallery you can see photos of Russia and some tips, historical facts, Russian nature.

qYQnlOGtXX8 - копия (2)

  1. No idea what to wear: what are girls wearing there? What’s in trend? What should I do with all the clothes I bought in Colombia?
  2. No idea what they joke about. Recently my mom sent me a post that was meant to make me laugh. But I simply didn’t get it. And the thing was that topic was discussed all over the country including TV. But I wasn’t a witness.
  3. jan-21-roubleeeeeeeNo idea about the prices. I mean, everything got much more expensive during these years in Russia, however converting it to dollar or Colombian peso the prices sound ok. But knowing the rouble variant this duality makes me really sad.
  4. No idea if citizenry support Russian politics / like Putin / have other preferences. I’m not into this topic, than even more if I’m not in that environment, I can’t see people’s real opinion and preferences. So my answer to all this kind of questions is: “I don’t know”.
  5. No idea what’s on TV, new pop stars or PR scandals. Just don’t care.
  6. No idea how winter feels. I’ve travelled to Peru, where it was -10 C at night and I was already dyeing. And my body asks: HOW did you live when it was -35 C?? Can’t imagine.
  7. No idea how I will feel when I finally see and hug my parents. A bit afraid to explode because of all the accumulated feelings.
  8. No idea if to continue your previous life or to start a new one.
  9. NO IDEA HOW TO LEAVE! 2 years is quite a big period of time to settle down and already have your life here. But time comes and you have to go home. For an uncertain period of time. It sucks. The only bad thing about going to live abroad…

Flag-Pins-Colombia-RussiaIt’s difficult.

P.S. Soon there will be a «How it feels to BE back to your country» post. And let’s see together how it is…


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