What’s up?

All’s great!

Now it is a period of my life that was waiting for a long time! I knew it would be difficult, but too interesting to live. Actually, it is one of the reasons there were no updates, why I didn’t Skype to my parents or friends. Now everything changed, even my preferences to spend my free time: there could be nothing better, but sleeping!

P1290603 - копия.JPG

Well, long time ago I was dreaming of a busy life with a high productivity and a lot of interesting stuff to do. And now I’m doing exactly all this: working in two great jobs and studying at University. Waking up at 04.45 and going to sleep after 12 am because of my “flexible” schedule 😀  It sounds horrible even for me, but in fact is really cool.


Кол инста
My current school is located there

Schools in Colombia start at 6.00 / 6.30 am. This semester I got the one in the most southyou can imagine (considering that I live in the north of the city…). Transferring from a public bus to an Uber Black in a pretty unsafe and totally not good looking area at 6 am is already a daily routine. Starting classes of Spanish at the National University of  Colombia in the afternoon and finishing at the very VERY 6 pm rush hour! Then working more from 8 to 12 pm teaching English again. You know guys, I love English and languages and consider all this as my hobbies.


At the same time I’m trying to keep alive my life-in-pictures photo gallery, to travel and to do fundamentally new for me things.

It all helps me a lot to manage my time “like a boss” (I’m really trying hard in this 😀 and I really need to do it), to be organized and to choose the priorities. It makes my life easier, indeed. Weekends don’t exist as a couple of free days anymore, but make me do a lot and to live the best. Time with the best friends, being lazy at home and, again, working.

To see some life stories and just to know more about Colombia you can visit my Instagram page. And thanks for following!

We get everything we want eventually. And I did. Great time! And little sleep 😦 But only for a week more, because…

IMG_6654 инста.jpg


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