Half a year later of How it feels to be back to your country

After going back and being back to my country, I still have something to share with you guys. It has been half a year since I’m back to Russia after my long trip. It still feels like a part of a journey. Yes, it does feel amazing, but I don’t have a feeling that I am finally here. And that is kind of a clue. Since the time I left home for the first time I’m always in that boat that drives you through the river of your life. No stops, no disembarkation.

While all the quotes about travel feel precisely accurate and right-about-me like, it does feel unique yet.

  1. I still feel extremely happy being close to my family that actually Colombia gave me an example of.
  2. All the time I’m staying at home I feel grateful for falling asleep on my own bed, knowing that everyone I love is safe and sound. Every morning (ok, afternoon) I wake up and I see everything familiar.
  3. img_20170115_145146I appreciate the comfort so much more. Now I don’t even think to economise on something that I really want or need at the moment. When I have my own space back I want it to be perfectly suitable for me. That simple and so important.
  4. I still enjoy my favourite Russian food that I didn’t have a chance to eat in South America. Already with a different perspective, I explore my own country in the sense of its culture, habits and spirit.
  5. I definitely and fully enjoy the winter weather. It was September when I had a dream with snow. I woke up in tears of happiness and definitely decided to stay in Russia. My first snow was in November. Since then every time I go out I can’t believe how beautiful it is to see everything white around here. How amazing it is to feel frost on my cheeks and nose! See the video on my YouTube channel on how cool I spend my winter vacations!
  6. After about 1.5 — 2 months I completely adapted and started thinking and speaking in my native Russian language with no difficulties. Yay! And now there’s a perfect combination of independent English and Russian in my head.
  7. I still think that I wanna keep on moving and at the same time I understand how difficult it will be to leave my home as I know how much I can miss it. But I already know that any moment I can go back and it will feel amazing, safe, intimate and very cosy. And I still will be sure that everyone is waiting for me here. It makes things a little bit easier.
  8. I’m extremely happy to see all the positive changes (that I summarised in a few words earlier) through the height of my experience that made me feel this way.

The conclusion of these thoughts and feelings is simple: enjoy the life wherever you are. Whether you’re travelling or not. You can’t return to your past though you have lots of beautiful memories. You’ll have enough time for your future. Now is the only thing that matters the most.

And exactly that’s why the positioning of my blog and my e-work in general is “Looking for beauty and harmony in the world”. Because I pay attention to these little ordinary natural details that play an essential part in my life. I want more people to realise these little details, start noticing them in their lives. And start understanding themselves and this world better.




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