Colombia vs Brazil. First days comparison.

It’s impossible to compare two different countries in a week, even more because of the size of Brazil, but for travellers who don’t have much time to spend in Latin America it will be useful.

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Colombia’s Street Food: to try everything

Leaving the country soon what do you expect to miss the most? It should be something really common and important for its citizens. For Colombians it is street food. There is a cult of street food, everyone believes it is food of Gods (maybe not really, but seeing their enjoyment while eating… omnomnom).

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Zombie or Homeless? Bogota’s endless Halloween.

At the end of October Western Christians celebrate the day of the dead. In Colombia this holiday goes just crazy: it is extremely popular over there. Schools and universities, malls and houses are decorated accordingly. Students have a Halloween week at school to demonstrate their creepy costumes. A lot of entertainment events are planned on the 30th and 31st of October. All the cafes, restaurants, bars and clubs have something special to offer.

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The Pacific ocean – the whole paradise only for you

Colombia is the only country in South America that has coasts of two oceans – the Atlantic and the Pacific. The Atlantic coast is extremely popular among tourists since there are the most famous Colombian destinations: Cartagena de Indias, San Andres Island and The Tayrona National Park. The Pacific coast is still a wonder for most of the travelers.

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One more incredible year!

Yes, this year was THE MOST! The most interesting, the most awesome, the most enjoyable, the most different and the most lifechanging! Before I would never think I would live in another country for such a long time, meet hundreds of new people and have best friends from all over the world.

And not only best friends, but my family. I have my Colombian-Australian family from Sinselejo and Sydney, with whom I lived my first months abroad. I have my Venezuelan-Indian-Ukrainian-Romanian family with whom I spend most of my time.  Читать далее «One more incredible year!»

The best electronic experience in Colombia – welcome to BAUM.

A small club situated not far from the center of Bogota city that can offer you a lot. If you are a tourist looking for something modern and worthy or a foreign resident sicking for cool parties BAUM was made for you. IMAGEN-12746373-2Perhaps the only club in Bogota city that has parties till 8 am. It also can be the best place to go to continue your party after being in another bars or clubs. Go to Calle 33 Carrera 6 № 24.

Walking along a usual small capital street you would never think there is hidden an awesome club with electronic music and great parties BAUM. Читать далее «The best electronic experience in Colombia – welcome to BAUM.»