«Nobody supported me, except my parents». B&H Cyclus.

My first time travelling away from South America was in 2014. Too many reasons brought me far away, but one of the reasons was that I met amazing people from Eastern Europe (Ukraine in fact). I work as a park ranger in a famous place called «Iguazu Falls«, and I could speak with people from almost everywhere, but never with people from this part of the world.

Nowadays we are warm friends with them, but the first time I felt something special. I saw different kinds of gaze, the colour of their eyes didn’t matter, they always seemed deep. People from Eastern Europe are from the stars, they are special souls living on this planet with us. I felt that when I visited them in Ukraine.


What helps me notice the beauty of our world and keep harmony are the incredible people I met living so far away from my home with the same problems as mine, the same ideas, the same feelings, the same challenges, etc.

These words may seem silly to you reading right now this post, but… Imagine! A usual guy that never went out of South America arrived in an «exotic» country.

I live in a small town, and too many local people never had the opportunity to travel, so most of them have a lot of «ideas» or prejudices about distant lands. When I spoke about my «next trip to Ukraine» too many people told me: «Don’t go there ’cause you’re dark and the people in Russia and Ukraine are blond with blue eyes» or «Russians and Ukrainians are the same, they are not very friendly and funny». Nobody supported me, except my parents, of course.

So I was deaf to prejudices and flew there. The rest of the story was totally unforgettable ’cause people there were opposite to local ideas. I have a lot of funny stories walking around Kiev with my friends. But the most important here is that I never trusted «ideas», I just only went to discover the reality by myself, and people from Eastern Europe changed my mind. The world became a better place to me when I met them. I hope the next year I visit Ukraine again and discover wonderful Russia and Belarus. Eastern Europe has a special place in my heart.

Love and Peace,

Gastón Daniel


I have to tell you guys this collaboration post is really special for me, because I met Daniel two years ago in Argentina, visiting incredible Iguazu Falls. He hosted me for several days and helped me out through my whole trip. Now I want to use this great chance to express my gratitude. 

Daniel, thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me! I was so lucky to meet you then and I’m happy to be friends with you now. Let’s book at least a day for us to meet up next year in Russia! 


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