«Get out of your comfort zone while on a trip and there will be the real reward». B&H Cyclus.

I love to travel but this includes some adjustment. While adjusting to my journeys, what makes me notice the beauty of the world and keep an inner harmony? Simply by connecting to people, learning from them and exchanging with them. It took me some time to realise it, but this was until I met Cuba. 

As we didn’t plan anything prior departure, we were establishing our trip day by day and I truly think we were never disappointed by anything on our path – Cuba is such a diversified place to be: From the bustling Havana to the white beaches in Cayo Jutias. From the gorgeous “Silent Valley” in Viñales to the lively streets of Cienfuegos. From the colorful Trinidad to the legendary Santa Clara. This destination never ceases to enchant.

Every step we took every place we entered, every person we met gave this trip a whole new sense, this was supposed to be “regular” holidays and it became the beginning of my great adventure… I still can feel the chills rolling down my spine and the sparkles in my eyes when I start talking about Cuba. But there’s still one thing I can’t explain: What made this travel so special? Cubans are warm, friendly and they make you feel comfortable. They carry this impressive “joie de vivre” in their heart and share it with you through a glance, a smile, a simple “hola” on the streets. One interesting thing about their way of life, every door and every window are wide open and it’s the same thing in every town, every village.

Ynes and her host in Viñales, Cuba

When we’re used to living selfishly on our own and literally? Behind closed doors, it almost looks like an invitation to connect with them. Let’s not forget the music that shaped this whole journey: I’ve always been all about music. Wherever I go, whatever I do I always carry my earphones and got a playlist ready for anything. You can only imagine how I felt when I found myself (lip)singing every reggaeton song I heard (I know all my classics by heart! Hehe) and bouncing on salsa rhythm. Music was played all day, all night for my greatest pleasure.


This past year was a great one for me, I was given the chance to visit many places I dreamt of (some were on my list for years) and each and every one of those travels made me grow up a little bit more every time, but there was nothing quite like this journey. Cuba is the experience that enriched my soul (made of brief yet intense moments of life) like nothing else before. When I arrived in Cuba I was completely lost and didn’t know what to do with my life or even what was best for me and without I realised it, this trip gave me all the answers. It gave me this need to discover who I really am, what life has planned for me and to do so, I understood I had to follow the little voice in my head and keep doing what makes my heart vibrate.

I’m still unable to tell when it first struck me, but one thing is for sure: Cuba shook me to the core and I shall never forget everything this journey brought me and how much it enriched me. Anyways, I’m going to stop writing now as I am ugly crying while reminiscing of all those beautiful moments I had the opportunity to live and will leave you with this thought: Get out of your comfort zone while on a trip and there will be the real reward.

Take care,




It is a collaboration post of Beauty and Harmony of the World Cyclus of Rush Away blog.

«Get out of your comfort zone while on a trip and there will be the real reward». B&H Cyclus.: Один комментарий

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