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We all love to travel, right? So do I. But quite a few times when being on the way I felt discouraged and despondent. But why? I was fulfilling my dream, I was living the life I always wanted to have! But the only thing while changing the destinations I craved for was to be at home with my family in my city. Have you ever felt the same?

I’ve found out it was because of disharmony with myself and lost inner balance. In a few words, ever since I started to dedicate more time to myself even being on the road, listen to what I really want and what pace of travelling is better to choose at the moment.

гармония - мелко - кроп

And you know what? I started to notice more beauty around me in a place I visited. Travelling became much brighter and joyful!

Therefore I start the series of articles «Beauty and Harmony of the World». I aim to help people understand that travelling is not only about getting a “check” mark on the bucket list but for pleasure, etc.; encourage more people to travel consciously enjoying every step of their trips and appreciate the moment. I’m curious about the ways you stay “conscious” and present to see the beauty of new places and how you keep the inner harmony without hastily moving to a new destination.

If you have EVER experienced this or NEVER felt this way, let the world know how you found the way to harmonious travelling and how you keep yourself in Beauty and Harmony of the world.

Contact me via email or leave your electronic address here and I’ll reach out to you!

Please, include:

  1. Your story with a variation of a «code phrase», e.g.: «What helps me notice the beauty of the world and keep harmony is…» to make a post closely related to the topic + a short description of your travelling experience (~ 400-500 words)
  2. 1-2 photos: 1) of your favourite place that you visited while travelling; 2) of you meditating/enjoying the moment or just being happy (optional. Can be already modified or I’ll do it myself).
  3. A link to your blog and your Instagram that I can include in the post.

Love and peace,




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