Why «NO» is the Best Answer

It’s always hard to get «NO» as an answer. It hurts your self-esteem and self-confidence. It makes life way more difficult. But it is the best you can get, indeed.

«NO» has destroyed quite a lot of plans, dreams and even lives. We are always scared to hear it not only from our beloved and closest ones but even from colleagues and moreover people we have never met in person. We feel uncomfortable and unconfident to respond «NO» to a request or a suggestion. It is considered as a rude and unpolite answer. But if you get to the point of this article, then «NO» will become so much better for you.

You make plans for your studies, career and holidays. You get very excited and hopeful. But one morning you open an email / have a talk /respond a phone call and it all disappears. The first reaction: panic and weakness. In a moment you start to blame yourself for not predicting it, for not working hard, for not being good enough. But wait. Take a deep breath and let it go. It just happened, there’s nothing to be distressed about. It could happen to anyone else, just this time it happened to you. This is how life works.


After getting no as an answer you may see it as the worst in your life, but over the time you’ll find out how strong and powerful you are to overcome any difficulty in your life. This will help you grow as a person much more and much faster. If everything would have been as you planned, it wouldn’t be so challenging.

«NO» widens your horizons. Now you can discover other points of your interests, something you never thought can catch your attention. You can discover for yourself something completely different from what you have tried before. You’ll start seeing it as an endless adventure full of joy and happiness.

If someone answered «NO» to you think of all the opportunities that just opened for you. All your thoughts should be about making a new plan (don’t even think about feeling sorry for yourself!). Every time you hear «NO» you get a new chance to start all over again and make it better.


If after all this you think it’s totally different for you, your case is much more difficult and everything in your life is SO complicated, just listen: you CAN change it. You WILL make it better. And all the aforesaid is relevant to you too.

Of course, I’m not that radical and not a fan of ruined planes, but rather an admirer of a Chinese proverb «Fall 7 times, but get up 8 times«.


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