My Reason Why You Should Travel Solo as a Female Traveller

This question came up when I started my first big solo trip to another part of the world. Need I say how worried, excited and stressed I was that time!

During these amazing years, I got so much wonderful experience and met so many beautiful people. Still, I get inspired by brave and adventurous women who dare to travel the world solo. Jessica invited me to share with her followers my reason Why You Should Travel Solo:

Iguazu falls, Argentina. 2
Iguazu Falls, Argentina

There are tens of reasons why you have to dare to travel solo, but the one that stands out the most for me is the difficulty of solo trips. Right, it might seem really scary or even terrifying for some to travel alone. But why to live if not for self-development? Why to travel if not to look for the best version of you? Being solo in a new place, probably in another country or even on another continent, where people don’t speak your language will put you so far from your comfort zone! Can you even imagine? You’ll have to learn how to survive, talk to strangers, ask them for help and advice, get out of unexpected situations! Think ten times faster, look for dozens of solutions and decide only for yourself and by yourself! Does it sound thrilling? It does. Does it look exciting? Definitely! Solo travel will give you a chance to start a new life, where you’ll be a more confident, open-minded and decisive person, who knows what’s best for her. It’ll set your mind on your future and clarify your present. It’s worth to overstep your fears and give yourself a chance for a better life.

~Diana Mirsaeva

IG: @diana_mirs

You’re welcome to meet other solo female travellers and see their reasons to travel solo in the article on Jessica’s website.


My Reason Why You Should Travel Solo as a Female Traveller: 2 комментария

  1. I’ve traveled on my own for most of my corporate career, and often on my personal trips. I have learned to listen to my instincts, to my intuition and to my 6th sense, and although I have found myself in potentially dangerous situations, I learned a lot that enabled me to overcome those very few situations. I love to travel on my own because of the freedom it provides. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this!


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