How to travel Peru in 12 days. Day 9: Big-time Shopping!

Have you checked the previous part of my super plan yet?

Day 9:  Time to liberate your shopping addiction!

You’re welcome to see the video of one of the previous days with the view of the lake and pure nature full of harmony and calmness on my YouTube channel. SUBSCRIBE!


A tiny part of the Pisac market

Being in Peru already for so long, visiting ethnic shops, local markets, seeing the natives in such unique clothes had teased me to a great point! I was postponing shopping till Cusco because I didn’t want to carry all my buyings with me during the whole trip. Plus, people told me everything was cheaper in Cusco. I believed… in vain. Apparently, who told me this haven’t been to the central market of Lima that I’ve told you about previously. I still regret I didn’t buy a super cheap leather backpack I loved there. I couldn’t find it anywhere else in the country 😦

Advice: Shop in the Central Market of Lima for backpacks and special souvenirs. There’s a big variety of them for a cheaper / same price as in Cusco.

On my second day in Cusco, I went to the biggest market in Peru. Pisac, a little village in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, is one of the best places to shop in the whole country. It doesn’t seem big from above, but its streets stretch for hundreds of metres. I easily spend there about 4 hours, buying souvenirs for my family and friends, llama sweaters (how no, if I’m in the country of llamas?!) and looking for a perfect backpack.

I love bringing from countries something special. Something that can easily be with me and remind me of my excellent journey. Something useful and really typical of a place. It wakens an exceptional feeling of an endless lifelong trip.

Pisac is located 34 kilometres from Cusco. You can take a van from a local bus terminal that will take you there in about an hour. On the way to Pisac village you’ll see some sights, so don’t fall asleep!

In the market, you can find any kind of clothes made from llama fibre, silver jewellery, scarfs, bags and backpacks, tiny-tiny souvenirs. The uniqueness of t-shirts is extremely unique:

Getting tired? Get a cup of coffee with a snack in one of the cafes. Want to try something really typical? See what they offer:

OH, MY GOD!!! YES! They eat them. And you can easily find the Guinea Pig (Cuy) in restaurants too. MY GOD! (No, I’ve never tried it)

A menu in a restaurant in Puno

P1300449-01If you prefer something less exotic I absolutely recommend you to choose Blue Llama cafe out of all the options in Pisac. The view is incredible as outside, as well as inside. Its creators have a really good sense of humour and an amazing imagination 😀 Just look whom I found at the entrance. All the restaurant contains photos and collages of celebrities with the famous Blue Llama. Your mood will be on top the rest of the day!


The Pisac market works till 4-5 p.m. Make sure to buy everything you like on time. Make sure to indulge in walking along the picturesque streets of the city to see how locals live and appreciate the harmonious atmosphere.

Это слайд-шоу требует JavaScript.

On the way back to Cusco get some sleep. You’ll need to see the nightlife of the city! Or a least of your ho(s)tel… 😛


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