All of Peru in 12 days. Day 6: Amazing Lagunillas

Have you checked the previous part of my super plan yet?

Day 6. That day felt like the one from a very unreal dream that actually somehow happened in real life…

You’re welcome to see the video of this beautiful day with the view of the lake and pure nature full of harmony and calmness on my YouTube channel.


As usual, the day started on the road. Probably there were more things to see in Arequipa or its surroundings, but there was no time. We took a bus at 8.30 am that goes to Puno. Puno is a small town situated on the shore of Titicaca Lake. Let’s repeat again. Titicaca. I just love how it sounds! On of my favourite words ever. Apparently because of the geography classes at school.


I already told you I really loved that bus provider so the trip was really comfortable. It took us about 8 hours to arrive at the next destination. On our way, we made a 20 minute stop in Lagunillas (= small lakes) again on the altitude of 4413 m. The landscape was just insane! I couldn’t stop looking at the lake and nature with such widely opened eyes and smile. That was an ideal creation of the planet: bright skies, clear waters, calm grass and mild spring wind… If there’s a place that shows you gratefulnesses of nature and reveals your soul to the universe that was it.
What I really hate about travelling with a fixed schedule is that I can’t enjoy enough of the places I fell in love with. It’s so unfair to leave when you have so much more to feel. But life is life and at least I took a few pictures to remember that scenery that still recalls inspiration.
We reached Puno at 4 pm. As before there was no booked hostel and after consulting a travel agent at the bus station that works there, we took a cab to the centre of the city. The prices for a night were pretty low so I could afford a single room just for myself. Right at the reception of the hotel, we’ve booked a boat tour to the islands.
Plaza de Armas, Puno, Peru
The Sun was still up and we went out to the main square. It’s called (you should already know!) Plaza de Armas, right. The city didn’t look neither touristic nor exciting. I don’t mind it was too little, but after walking here and there, changing three cafes there was really nothing to do or to see. I wonder how locals live there and how they entertain themselves… Will never know.
Returned home (by «home» I mean any place that has a bed, hot shower and my backpack) I was too cold. A hot shower helped a little. It was great to have several hours spent just with myself in a single room, but to tell you the truth, it was impossible to enjoy! That was SO cold in the room and in the building that even wearing everything I had, wrapping in two warm blankets it was still cold and impossible to sleep. I was just waiting for the morning to come…
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Puno, Peru

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