All of Peru in 12 days. Day 4: Arequipa (+YouTube video)

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Day 4. Moving from the Ica desert to Arequipa city.

You’re welcome to see the video of this beautiful day with the ocean view, penguins, sea lions and endless desert sands on my YouTube channel.


Luckily the bus was comfortable for that long ride and early in the morning, we arrived in a second most populous city. The only desire was to take a hot shower. I didn’t book a hostel in advance so we just picked up from ones that were offered by promoters at the bus station. I had some prejudice about it, but at the end, I fully enjoyed the choice — Boothy Hostel Arequipa.

p1300078-01-cropThe same as in Lima, we took a tour. This time it was bus city tour that gave us a perfect idea of Arequipa. It appeared to be a very calm and vast city. With a volcano. Pretty unusual for me as I’ve never seen them before. Gets you some images of explosion? Never mind, nothing happened 😀
During the tour, we’ve visited the top touristic places: an alpaca farm, the highest point to observe the city and the famous historical Yanahuara District. But the thing I remember the most is when we stopped in the middle of the bridge over a river and I looked down from the second floor of our bus. Shock and panic! I couldn’t breathe or move until the time we passed it. Fortunately, I was able to film a little and take a picture:p1300033-01
So scary!
I can’t highly recommend this bus tour as it wasn’t fascinating, but it gives a great chance to see quite distant attractions and parts of the city that would be inconvenient to go to.
After the city tour that took us about 3 hours we went to see the Historical Centre of the City (“Plaza de Armas”, yup, in every city of Peru) to book a tour for the next day. We stayed 6 blocks from the main square that was pretty comfortable to walk up there.
p1300162-01My main goal that night was to find a very comfortable and very ethnic pair of boots as my sneakers were driving me crazy. Mine cost about $25. A big surprise was to see a Starbucks coffee shop in the Historical Centre that was a relief. I had my Spanish exam in 10 days so I had to prepare for a little. Having a big cup of coffee in Starbucks I was making my homework.
9-0111-01Two hours later I moved to a small cafe on one of the prettiest streets near the centre.For the first time, I tried Coca tea ($3-4 per cup) that supposedly helps overcome altitude sickness. And that was something rather interesting. Later it became one of my favourite drinks so that I bought several coca leaf tea bags and brought it home to Russia. Surprisingly there were no problems exporting it. Just in case they gave me a special paper saying who when and where bought those tea bags.
Homework: Done. Coca tea: drunk. => Party time in the hostel…

Don’t forget to see the video of this amazing day and SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel! ❤

Day 5: A very long day spent literally on the TOP of the world chasing up THE BIGGEST BIRDS in the world…


To be continued…

All of Peru in 12 days. Day 4: Arequipa (+YouTube video): 3 комментария

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