All of Peru in 12 days. Day 3: Ocean and Desert (+YouTube video)

Have you checked the previous part of my super plan yet?

Day 3. At night we had to take a bus to our next destination — Paracas.

You’re welcome to see the video of this beautiful day with the ocean view, penguins, sea lions and endless desert sands on my YouTube channel.


The first bus departure was at 3.30 am (kill me please, so early!). We had to arrive at the station a bit earlier. THAT IS EXTREMELY COLD AT NIGHT IN PERU IN WINTER, so take A LOT of jackets and warm pants and boots with you. (Sure, I saw some Australians wearing flip-flops and shorts but I don’t care it was super cold for me :D)
All of our bus trips were with «Cruz del Sur» bus provider. We heard a lot of good opinions of it as they have a good combination of price and quality. Actually, it was, complete satisfaction! Totally recommended.
p1290883-01After 4 hours we were at the place. Right there we bought a boat tour to the Ballestas islands (several companies, everything similar, so choose whatever you want) that usually starts at 8 am and costs 25 soles (plus you have to pay 13 soles entrance fee). Half an hour to use sunblock (it’s a must), get something for breakfast and use the washroom.
IMPORTANT: There are NO shops there, so bring your food and all the necessities with you. We found only small snacks and that sunblock cream that I forgot in the hostel.
It’s a boat tour so if you’re getting sick easily, take a pill in advance. But good thing, it lasts a bit more than 2 hours.
NOTE: 1. You won’t have a chance to leave the boat during this time.
2. As there are hundreds of seabirds flying over you, cover your head just to avoid your hair being in their poop 😀
3. There’s a specific smell most of the time due to their excrements. Nothing you can do about it.
White covered rocks and super lovely sea mammals
All the tour guides speak English (and Spanish, obviously), are very friendly and answer all of your questions. You’d have a chance to see a lot of typical for that region animals and birds and even Humboldt penguins! They were absolutely my favourite!
The boat tour was over and we continued to the desert by a minivan. You can rent a quad bike or a bicycle for your own as well. The views of the desert bordering with the endless ocean can’t leave you indifferent. It’s something you have to see at least once in a lifetime. I’ve captured it in the video and every time I see it, I can hear that strong wind playing with my hair, can see huge waves of the purest ocean and almost smell that salt water…
In the afternoon we had a brilliant (of course, I haven’t eaten properly since the previous day!) meal at a local tiny restaurant and admired the ocean. At 2 pm we took a Paracas — Ica bus, and at 4.30 pm a bus in Ica was waiting to take us to Arequipa…

Don’t forget to see the video of this amazing day and SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel! ❤

Day 4: Arequipa city tour, terrifying bridge ride and coca tea…
To be continued…

All of Peru in 12 days. Day 3: Ocean and Desert (+YouTube video): 3 комментария

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