All of Peru in 12 days. Day 2: Miraflores & Barranco (+YouTube video)

Have you checked the previous part of my super plan yet?

Day two. No pisco, I promise! We started it as usual in Miraflores district because where else does it have to start in Lima?

You’re welcome to see the video of this beautiful day with parachuting above the ocean, dancing salsa and walking the city on my YouTube channel.


Miraflores is the most typical part of a touristic city, any tourist or traveller can feel there rather comfortable: there are lots of shops, a lot of supermarkets, where you can buy anything you need at the moment; there are very luxury hotels and fairly cheap hostels that you can rent for a night.

p1290716-01-minThere is a very famous Larcomar Mall on the edge of the rock with a view to the ocean that is pretty awesome. You can walk there totally sure in your safety (we always have to think about it, right?). So we did it for several hours, went a bit further along the ocean still on the top of that coastline that was really amazing for me. We had brunch in a small pancake cafe «Beso Francés» and just watched the surfers.
In the afternoon we decided to visit another district that we heard nice comments about, the Barranco district. At first, we tried to get there on foot and after an hour of walking along the ocean line, we decided to take a bus. It was worth it and took us about 15 or 20 minutes.
We started from a little park with a lot of green areas and some really nice restaurants. I found a Starbucks cafe there and obviously decided to skip it because this was not what we came there for. We were looking for a fairly priced restaurant to try traditional and the most famous Peruvian food.
We found «Restaurante Javier» as it had a great view of a sunset over the ocean. We ordered Ceviche and Lomo Saltado and that was so good that we both still remember that meal. It was already late when we decided to get to go back to the hostel and I didn’t feel really comfortable taking a public bus at night though Peruvians are really nice and we didn’t meet any problem.
This night we had to leave Lima and continue to the wild nature…
So, do you wonder how I found Lima? It’s a very calm city with great views of nature. An endless ocean and steep rock of Larcomar is something really worth to come for. It’s also a very peaceful and joyful megapolis. While most of the days (I believe) the sky is greyish, it feels very warm and homey. Time passes measuredly, you don’t feel the rush and can spend time enjoying «here and now».
There’s a great variety of places to feel the Peruvian culture and observe their style of living. Peruvians really appreciate family as itself and it’s easily noticeable. Happy kids and relaxed parents walking along the streets, playing in parks and laughing together…
Is it that carefree life in Peru? I don’t think it’s a carefree life, I consider it’s the way Peruvian people perceive life. It’s something extremely important to adopt for a European individual.
Day 3. The ocean, sea lions, penguins and an endless desert…

All of Peru in 12 days. Day 2: Miraflores & Barranco (+YouTube video): 2 комментария

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