All of Peru in 12 days: THE MOST detailed plan. Day 0

Last year I had two weeks of summer vacations and a big desire to visit Peru. As usual, my goal was to see the most of what I could, as I never know if I have a chance to go back one day. This is how one of the most memorable journeys started! (You’re welcome to see a video about the beginning of the trip on my YouTube channel. SUBSCRIBE! <3)
Llama land

Two days had to be spent on arrival and departure, arithmetics says only 12 days were free to see the whole country. I was travelling with a friend who told me straight away that all this was a bad idea and there was absolutely not enough time.

I intended to make my trip alone, as I’m not a fan of tour trips. Days of planning, searching through the forums, reading blogs and asking friends were resumed in a perfect plan of the trip to Peru with almost all trip costs and timing. Booking hostels and tours as a necessary addition in advance as well.
Mountains of Peru

There were two options: to start from the capital Lima, or from the main attraction. The decision was pretty easy, we both wanted the culmination of our trip to be the most wanted trip to Machu Picchu.

The Andes, South America
Pisco Sour

We arrived in Lima at night and a friend of us picked us up at the airport. That was pretty amazing as we could start our city tour right away. Our first stop was a local bar to try traditional pisco sour. That was something! Maybe I was too weak and tired, but it seemed so strong and made my tipsy after the first sip. I really liked the drink as I think it reminds Brazilian caipirinha a lot!

After was a long stroll around the neighbourhood with nice houses and lovely parks. I forgot to mention it was my summer vacation meanwhile it was winter in Peru… So I was super cold as I’m a thin-blooded person.
As I was tight on budget and the trip to Machu Picchu had to be cheap, most of the nights I spent in dorms. All of them I’ve booked on, selecting them by price, location and facilities provided.
After checking in at a hostel in the most touristic part of the city, Miraflores (San Juan de Miraflores), I went straight to my bed and had an incredible sleep (remember I was tipsy :D).
Day 1. Cats, beer, Peruvian soldiers, pisco again, bus tickets done and delicious dinner next to the ocean…
To be continued… very soon

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