New 7 Wonders of Nature – Iguazu Falls

This story starts exactly half a year ago, the end of January 2016… To open Argentina for myself I decided not from its capital. Capitals are usually typical: historical, you make a plane of must-sees and stay in a hostel somewhere close to the centre of the city. That time I crossed Brazilian-Argentinian border and got my first stamp in Puerto Iguazu city. Later I got the whole collection of them – around 6 from Argentina.

P1270389 - копия (2)

P1270310 - копия (2).JPGIt was my first trip in a last row of trips that time (yep, complicated 😀 ) ,so I decided to courchsurf. I’m not a real pro in this, but I really wanted to try more. I have to say I was so incredibly lucky! The guy at whose place I stayed for 4 days appeared to be not only a good host, but a good friend as well. Ok, let’s start from the most important.

I went there to see one of New 7 Wonders of Nature – Iguazu Falls. You can see them in Argentina as well as in Brazil, but the views are completely different. In Brazil you can observe the whole scenery of the Falls, but in Argentina you can touch them! You can be in those Falls’ water! It’s a completely different experience. And being in that part of the world I’ve visited both sides.

It’s better to start your visit in Puerto Iguazu as early as possible. Be sure, you’ll need 4-6 hours to see everything. And in the afternoon it becomes too hot, especially during summer time. I was too lucky with my host: not only he worked there as a ranger, but he agreed to give me a private tour on his day off in the park.

We walked easy among those high trees, following the paths for already several minutes and I couldn’t help but wandered how The Falls may look in a real life. I heard some noise and stepped up the pace. I saw a picture from a paradise and couldn’t believe it was on Earth. I’m still impressed by that nature, remembering Iguazu Falls. It was magnificent, so powerful and scarely beautiful.

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I took a lot of photos everywhere I could, I asked to take a photo of me under the splashes of the waterfall that I could touch with my stretched arm. We were wandering around, taking trains to different parts of the Natural Park till the time it was a late afternoon. My friend showed me a secret waterfall, where the members of the Park staff takes rest after a hot working day. It was exceptionally peaceful, the water was cold and the air was summer, I was sitting in the drops of the waterfall, enjoying every atom of this beautiful Universe.

P1270505 - копия.JPG

Walking back the Sun already started going down. We crossed several long bridges across a wide rive forming one of the Falls. He told me at night it seems hundreds of babies are crying under the bridges – the water mixes all the sounds of nature. I couldn’t stay there longer, the Park would be closed soon, but I was really curious to hear that. But afraid, I’d get crazy and scared. I was blessed to be there and to have a full day to spend with that majestic part of the world.

Every time I am blue, every time I think I have problems or I fail, I remember there’s that strong virgin beauty all over the globe, and that I’ve already seen one of that Wonders.


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