Best hiking trails in Rio de Janeiro

Among the best things to do for free in Rio de Janeiro is not only a one-day trip to Niteroi, but also great hikings. You enjoy sports, trail and backpacking? Magnificent views, delight after the way up and pure nature are waiting for you in Brazil! Don’t forget about hiking shoes, a backpack and hiking gear and start hiking in Rio!

IMG-20151220-WA0029 - копия.jpg

In this to do list I will try to give you the best hiking trails in Rio de Janeiro. Let’s start with the easiest ones and continue with the most challenging.

  1. Pedra Bonita.

Literally, the best hiking: the easiest and with the great views over the city. At the foot of the mountain take a bus that goes up and ask the driver to drop you at the hiking point. From there I takes around 30 minutes to arrive to the top of Pedra Bonita. The mountain’s top has a pretty big space to walk and to take picture of different parts of Rio de Janeiro.

P1250986 P1250998

  1. Pedra do Telegrafo.

Is totally worth hiking and at the end you’ll have the best pictures in the whole Rio:


Impressive? Nothing really extreme:

12325215_1068620843157998_1792062376_n - копия (2)

I went there at the beginning of December, when this view was still a bit secret. After a few weeks tens and hundreds of tourists come there to take “risky” photos and have to make an hour line to have a chance to surprise their Facebook friends.

  1. Christ the Redeemer.

IMG-20151214-WA0074-1The most typical and a must, for sure. The whole way up is about 3 hours, yeah, seems quite impossible, but just imagine what is waiting for you on the top! The hiking is rather difficult, but you’ll see beautiful sceneris and natural waterfalls where you can drink water from.

You can play a game and try to define what is what: oh, that’s Copacabana! It is Maracana Stadium! And this is the Sugarloaf Mountain! Best emotions, good exercise and splendid photos!

P1250195 - копия.JPG

  1. Pedra da Gávea.


Well, if you ask me, would I do it again or not, I would definitely answer: NO. But wait. My friends and I were really prepared for the hiking by our own: we asked several people, who already did it for advice, and they said it was possible to reach the top without special equipment. I read some posts in the Internet, if it was really so.


Mentally prepared, we started our rise. The way was pretty difficult and long (approx. 3 hours), but OK for hiking. The last part of the mountain is climbing. Well, two of us decided to stay where the safe part finished. Another two mates confidently rushed ahead. I honestly did a third of climbing, but stopped: it was really unsafe to continue and I had no idea how to get down. That two mates did it till the top and showed us later incredible photos.

But here’s the truth: no one of us went down by ourselves. Luckily we met professional climbers with necessary equipment and ropes. If not them, I can’t imagine the way down over the red-hot rocks.

IMG-20151220-WA0035 - копия.jpg

That very same day two men felt down landing on their heads, when trying to descend from that climbing part of the mountain. They were alive, but not fine, I imagine.

In short: don’t go to climb Pedra Bonita without a guide with equipment. You can hike, but the best views are only on the top. If not climbing, I wouldn’t hike at all.


Preparing for any hiking trail I advice you to be careful and wise. Don’t go somewhere, if you are not sure you can do it. Explore more, hike more, enjoy Rio de Janeiro and Brazil!


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