Carnival in Rio: how to get the cheapest tickets

Till the most famous carnival in the world less than three weeks left! While you are thinking yet to go or not to go, to buy or not to buy, almost all of the carnival tickets are sold out! If you are in Rio de Janeiro, there’s no way to miss this fantastic Brazilian carnival!

Carnival 3

The carnival in Rio is the biggest carnival in the world with two million people participating daily on the streets. The very first carnival in RJ was in 1723!

The schedule of the Carnival in Rio.

Usually the first two days of the carnival are for the Opening Ceremony and the Preliminary parades. The 3rd and the 4th days are the days of the main competition of Samba schools. And on Saturday you can see the Winner’s Parade.

Prices of the tickets.

A lot of agencies are selling the tickets for the “Carnaval do Rio” in the Internet, and, as the practice shows, most of the tourists prefer to book the tickets for the carnival in Rio de Janeiro in advance, paying for them several months before. The prices can be way too expensive, starting from 390 BRL up to 1200 or even 12300 BRL.

The best sectors of Sambadrome.


The prices depend on the “blocos de carnival”, the sectors of the Sambadrome. The sectors 2 and 3 are situated right at the beginning of the event. It’s quite exciting and you can see the performances changing each other without any pauses, but it will be impossible to make a shot of the whole parade.

The sectors 4, 6 and 5, 7 are located in the center of the Samnadrome. There can be some 15-20 minute pauses while Samba schools will reach you. From here you can totally enjoy the 180 degree view!

8 and 10, 11 are also good to watch an amazing 3D show.

The most privileged sector is number 9, where the seats are numbered. All of the other sectors have just rows to share.

The 12 and 13 are the least recommended, because can offer the end of the parade view.

The cheapest tickets for the carnival.

The official selling of the tickets for the carnival will be closed very soon! And you still have a chance to buy them for an incredible price starting from 70 reals (the price for 2016)! Here’s a magical site where you can find all the information Push “Ingresos” in the left column and choose “Arquibancadas”. If you are a student of a Brazilian university you can have a 50% discount. If you have a friend, who is a student of a Brazilian university, it can also help… 😉

To buy the ticket you have to go to the Sambadrome (R. Marquês de Sapucaí – Santo Cristo, Rio de Janeiro) that is at the metro station “Praca Onze” (the orange line) to the 11th sector (the info of 2016).

Important: they don’t accept cards! Have enough cash to pay.

Carnival 4

I hope you can enjoy the best city in Brazil and amazing carnival in Rio de Janeiro!


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