TOP 7 tips to celebrate New Year in Rio de Janeiro

The whole world trumpets that Rio de Janeiro is one of the best cities in the world to celebrate New Year. If you know only few things about Rio they are for sure Christ the Redeemer, Copacabana beach and fireworks. That’s right! And on the 1st of January I can assure you of this: the main celebration of the year is AWESOME! If you still doubt if it’s worth to spend your holidays in Rio de Janeiro, than book your ticket soon for this December to see it with your own eyes!

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But before, you should be prepared.


1. The New Year subway ticket.

If you’re staying not close to Copacabana and planning to use the subway from 7 pm on the 31st of December to 5 am on the 1st of January, buy a special metro ticket IN ADVANCE! You won’t be able to buy it during these hours. By this measure they control the flow of passengers on the New Year night.

2. Nothing expensive.

Don’t take anything valuable going to the beach for the night. Even more – don’t wear expensive jewellery (better nothing). It is a commonplace when a group of thieves start robbing people right on the beach every single person taking everything they see. This year I was a witness of this when tens and tens of scared people with wild eyes followed by instincts started running towards us trying to run away from this kind of a criminal group. It is fucking scary. I think, the scariest moment I had for more than a year of living in three countries of Latin America.


3. Wear white.

Brazilians believe that wearing this color you meet a new year with a clear soul and heavenly thoughts. Add some accents of yellow (for business and money), red or pinky (for love and relations), etc. When you see thousands of people in white, it looks extremely cool!

4. Take your own drinks.

It is better to take your own booze with you, cuz it costs quite expensive right at the place. But sure, you can buy beers, some snacks and rent a chaise longue on the beach.

5. Your camera.

Prepare your camera to record the fireworks! It should remain memorable forever. But once again, be attentive and don’t put it just to a pocket of your shorts: they can easily rob you at any moment so you won’t even notice (believe me, 100%). See point 2.

6. Swimsuit.

Don’t forget your swimsuit to have fun in the Atlantic ocean! (To learn about the Pacific ocean click here 🙂 ) Sounds incredible – a swimsuit for a New Year party, right? Yeah, baby, it’s Rio!


7. Your dreams come true!

Yep, you stepped in a new year, and this is the time to do some exercises! Go to the ocean and jump over 7 waves making a wish each time you leap one over.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Did I tell you that was gonna be amazing? Yes I did! Your turn to check this out 😉



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